Curating the perfect balance of selfies, food pics and group shots on Instagram is no easy task, let alone keeping a consistent aesthetic or picking a #tbt that’s funny, but not too embarrassing. Posting while you’re traveling is a guaranteed way to get likes and new followers, because you’re giving people a chance to live vicariously through your adventure. By doing your research, scouting out the perfect photo spots — and of course, having a good time — you can get the most out of your posts! If you’re visiting Los Angeles anytime soon, or if you’re an LA local looking to step up your ‘gram game, here are the 10 most Instagram-worthy spots the city has to offer!

1 Hollywood Sign

Okay, we know this one is a given, but it’s also a classic! Besides there are plenty of ways to get creative with this spot, whether you climb onto one of the letters or photograph it from afar.

Eita que eu já to com saudade💜

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2. 202 crisp white lampposts

 The 202 crisp white lampposts are as lovely in the day, as they are in the evening. Not to mention the museum itself will have plenty of photo opportunities on its own.

@TomJauncey takes on the iconic urban light @lacma during a @BeautifulDestinations trip to #LosAngeles ✨

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3. Paul Smith

This wall is such a popular photo spot, rumor has it they actually have a security guard posted to enforce the “cell phone photos only” rule. So many possibilities come with this fluorescent fuchsia wall.

4.Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

Another iconic LA spot, whether it’s a selfie from the top of the Ferris wheel, or an artsy wide angle shot of the carnival scene, your followers will love it.

#SantaMonicaPier with the kiddos. #SantaMonicaPierFerrisWheel #SantaMonicaPacificPark

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5. Alfred Coffee

You might have heard of this quaint coffee shop, and with its charming decor and delicious coffee, it’s basically an Instachicks dream.

☕️ #butfirstcoffee

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6.Made In LA Mural

Maybe you weren’t really made in LA but for this photo you can be!

7. Venice Beach Boardwalk

With its plethora of street artists, ocean views and murals. You’ll have a hard time deciding which photo to post from Venice Beach.

8. The Last Bookstore

Every bookworms dream, this shop features a glowing arch of books and selfie ready stacks of literature.

9. The Chandelier Tree

This dreamy tree is adorned with actually glowing chandlers. Your photos will be as enchanting as the tree itself!

10. Getty Center

The blank white walls and natural lighting is every photographers dream.

Stay inspired 😊

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