Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of lessons that we learned when we started clocking in.

Though you may have grown up learning about the workplace through movies, TV, books, etc., the odds are that you will learn a lot more than you anticipated when you start working full-time.

1. The only time people will really care about you being late to work is if it, in some way, affects them.






2. Nobody cares what GPA you graduated with or what your test scores were. #sorrynotsorry

3. When people mess up your name, it’s not because they hate you.


4. When you mess up everyone else’s name, people will know you don’t hate them.


5. Asking people what their names are after you’ve known each other for a week is socially unacceptable. (Ask for reminders while you can!)


6. People would much rather you take the sick day than come into work sick. Why? One of these options involves you infecting the whole office, and the other does not.



7. There’s a reason everyone drinks coffee at work.


8. There’s also a reason everyone goes to happy hour after work.


9. Any shared connection or interest between you and a co-worker while be the source of many conversations. You’ll be surprised at how many times you can spin the same topic of conversation.


10. Your workplace will always be too hot or too cold. Nothing in between.


11. Having a job you like is fine, but having a workplace BFF is essential to living.


12. Your most popular co-worker has his/her status because of snacks and other useful items stored in his/her desk. (Popularity doesn’t come cheap.)


13. Free food from work > any other kind of food.



14. Your work experiences would make a great sitcom, but so would everybody else’s.


15. It’s socially acceptable to be bitter about how your college degree doesn’t really help you get a job.


16. Along with losing your paycheck to your student loan debt.


17. You get to decide work and life values are most important to you – and you’ll do it very quickly. Even when it seems like it’s not a good thing, it is – as you’ll know what to look for in your next step.


18. Office crushes are common, but office romances are rare.


19. A great boss can make a bad job awesome, and a bad boss can make a great job terrible.


20. Work is just work – while it’s a part of your life, it’s not the whole of it, and while it’s what you do, it’s not who you are.

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