Your favorite TV show (also known as Parks and Recreation, also known as the greatest show on TV ever) coming to an end is basically the same thing.

Step 1: Denial

What? No. This show is not over. They have to tell us if Leslie ever became president. Did she become a senator? A state representative? Did she win the race for governor?! How can this show leave us with all these unanswered questions?! There’s no way the series is over. NBC would be crazy not to continue this show for, like, ever.  Why would they even consider cancelling the most perfect show that has ever graced our televisions?

Step 2: Anger

Those &#*(%@! &!*/@$-*!^#&$^$! How dare they? Who do they think they are? What gives a bunch of guys in fancy suits the right to decide which television shows keep airing and which ones don’t? I mean seriously – we’re supposed to trust the guys who have given us nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory? Seven seasons of Rules of Engagement? TWELVE SEASONS OF TWO AND A HALF MEN???

Step 3: Bargaining

Can we trade a show for another show? No take-backsies? I would be willing to give you every season of The Blacklist (I mean, have you seen it?)  for just one more season of Parks and Recreation. Please? Pretty please? You can even have Game of Thro – oh actually, sorry. Not that one. Anything else though.

Step 4: Depression

How am I supposed to eat a waffle ever again? There’s no way I’ll ever be able to eat waffles ever again.  And if I ever have to travel through the state of Indiana (that’s right, through – not even to a city inside the state) I’ll breakdown. Who will I like and love? What kids show-starring Johnny Karate will I watch? When will I ever truly figure out the rules of The Cones of Dunshire?

I will literally never watch another television show again.

Step 5: Acceptance

So Parks and Recreation is literally the best television show of all time… but have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?


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