Besides the fact that winter really puts our lives in some real trouble and makes everything more tiring and difficult, it makes our skin drier and less fluffy. And fluffy and bright, is what we want. What we don´t want (ever) is dryness and crackled skin, right?

Then here are the best face masks you should definitely do this winter in your “me time” of the week, or why not twice a week if you have the enough time, or a significant other who is careless of watching you in a blue face as both of you share the ultimate Netflix series.

Check it out.

Collagen Mask


Collagen is what you have in your skin that makes it elastic, and tight. Ok, with aging, the production of collagen is diminished and eventually breaks into half of what it was during your teenage life. Luckily there´s loads of cream with collagen and of course collagen masks. My favorite is the same ones that the Asian market loves: gold collagen mask. Yep, gold. Gold and collagen, feeling like a princess, looking like Leonardo Di Caprio in The Iron Mask Movie. But truly worth the purchase. Check it online, as it´s way easier to find and cheaper than in a local store.


Hyaluronic Acid Mask


This Sephora top seller, is a perfect monthly mask for one use only, that helps and prevents lines and face dehydration, with components that makes of your skin a tighter, softer and elastic one. Exactly what we need after a whole afternoon struggling in the streets with this extremely cold wind that comes from everywhere and does not leaves us alone.

These masks you should usually leave for about 40 minutes, but again, if you have time please do so for all nigh. You´ll see how is to wake up with a baby face.

Clay Mask


This mask works a profound skin cleanser, removing every single blackhead and impurity you totally don´t need. Also, they soak al traces of dirt and grease. But watch out. On dry weather, this Clay Mask may just be recommended to use once every other week, as it tends to dry the skin afterwards.


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