The trick is in the application of your limited experiences to multiple situations. If your resume is accurate then the interviewer already knows how many years you have (or haven’t been) in the business, so focus on what you do have and avoid the following phrases.

1. “I don’t know.”


Maybe you don’t actually know, and that’s okay, but it’s more about how you phrase it. Try “I am not as familiar with that but would be excited to learn.” It projects a proactive attitude which is more important than whether you know the actual information. Employers want to know you’ll always be ready to learn more, especially when it comes to your specific tasks. Find ways to apply your current skills to the situation, emphasizing what you do know, rather than what you don’t know.

2. “Well in college, I..”


This is only okay if you just graduated, and even then it’s very situation-specific. Did you have any kind of job during school? Perhaps an internship? Try to apply those experiences to answer the interviewer’s behavioral questions. Of course, if you’re asked about your classwork, then by all means discuss it, but this refers more to how you handle a professional environment.

3. “I have no questions.”


You probably do and they know that, so if you aren’t asking, it reflects on your personal confidence, as well as your interest in the position. Those who have gone through the job application process know there are specific criteria they are looking for, and will ask about it. If it’s your first interview, make up something; ask how the interviewer questions about their own career path, what growth looks like the company, anything that shows your interest.

Remember that interviewers and hiring managers are real people too. It sounds cliche but be yourself when you’re interviewing for a role. If you’re excited for the position, let it show. No one wants to hire an uninterested person- it does nothing for their company. Personality traits and behaviors play a large role in choosing the right candidate, so don’t hide important qualities of yourself. Take a deep breath and go for it.

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