Is your makeup bag overflowing while your wallet has seen better days? Are you just beginning to build your makeup stash? Do you prefer to stick to the basics? Luckily, the best part of makeup is it allows you to get creative, including exploring its multi-purpose beauty. Whether to stretch a dollar or stretch a product, makeup multitasking will never lead you astray. Here’s how to get started.

#1 Use Mascara As A Liquid Eyeliner 

If you don’t have a mascara-eyeliquid eyeliner handy (or yours is losing its pigment), mascara is a great option. Graze an angled brush along the mascara spoolie and apply like a gel liner. Just don’t use this on your waterline; it’ll sting.  This can also work in the inverse, liquid eyeliner as mascara, if you have a good spoolie on hand to comb through lashes in between coats.







#2 Use Eyeliner As Lip Liner 

With the rise of lip eyeliner-lipcolors across the rainbow (and beyond), it can be difficult or expensive to find a lip liner that matches your new favorite lip shade. Drugstore eyeliners are a cheap hack to find your perfect color for ultimate staying power. To avoid cross-contamination, don’t use the same liners for eyes and lips.



#3 Use Eyeshadow As Lip Color

There are plenty of eyeshadow-liptips online about using translucent powder to make any lip color matte. But why stop there? Mattify a lip color and add an extra punch of color by setting with an eyeshadow in the same shade. For best control, use a pressed pigment. To avoid cross-contamination, only dip sanitized brushes in the pigment.




#4 Use Conditioner As Shaving Cream

We’ve all done it: conditionerreached for the shaving cream in the middle of a quick shower to find that the can is empty. Ditch the can all together and use conditioner instead: you’ll be amazed how silky your legs feel afterwards. Extra points if you let the conditioner set in your head while you shave.




#5 Use Eyeshadow As Contour 

If you’re a fan contour paletteof powder contour, a great matte, neutral-based eyeshadow palette can perform double duty. The tones are already made for eye and nose contour and can easily work on the rest of the face with good brushes. Similarly, if you keep hitting pan on your favorite neutral eyeshadows, shades from a powder contour palette are excellent substitutes.

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