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Howdy everyone! I hope everyone’s having a productive and awesome week!  Just thought I’d give you the inside scoop about dog walking.  Yes, you read the title. So here are seven reasons why should consider dog walking if you are a creative freelancer. I’m speaking only from personal experience, so hopefully it helps another creative butterfly like me. Here goes!

1. You get to walk or pet sit dogs.


‘Nuff said. Ok maybe not, but think about it. You’ll learn about all kinds of breeds, and if you’re an animal lover you will be on cloud nine (yes, puppies with puppy breath gaaaahh).


2.  You will get paid to exercise.


What!? Yeah, you heard me. Tired of being on that stupid treadmill counting the minutes that seem like centuries? Not anymore kiddo! Kiss that membership to that stupid smelly gym you dread going to adios!  Now, you’ll actually enjoy working out. Seeing a dog happy with the simple pleasure of life is endearing for me, and you’ll be able to do that for them also if you land this gig. Picking up poop– not so much. But hey I always say, if you have to deal with s**t at your job, at least it’s in every literal sense of the word. *Wink*


3. You’re always surrounded by nature and people.


This for me, is excellent for contemplation and creativity. My mind and senses are all working in sync; it helps me think clearly. Don’t ask me why; I don’t have a clue. It just happens.


4. Great for networking.


I’ve met very influential people and established solid relationships with other fellow creatives. It’s important to be professional, and this job has taught me how to deal with several personalities, both human and dogs alike.


5. Endorphin overload.


Science approved. Endorphins make you happy. You’ll have a positive attitude, which I’m sure can’t hurt if you want to mark off your to-do list for the week. *see number 2*


6. You get to set your schedule because it’s a flexible job.

For the most part, you’ll have regular customers, but this gig also allows you to have flexibility for last minute auditions and or writing deadlines. It’s perfect!


7. Your co-workers and clients, for the most part, are always happy and upbeat.

Hellooo, we work with fluffy happy faces, why wouldn’t we be happy! As for the dogs, they’re always excited to see you or the treat in your hand.
-Good Luck!

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