Part Timer : Truths You and Your Work Wife Will Recognize

We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all workplaces are not created equal, but the relationship between a co-worker and their work BFF is totally sacred no matter where you work. Don’t believe us? Read the below list and see if you don’t identify with any of the below. 1. You remember the … Continue Reading

Cities you HAVE to visit in your lifetime!

Once you hit both your twenties and chronic full-time job fatigue, you’re officially bit by the travel bug.  The options to travel to seem pretty endless (seven continents, hundreds of countries, and thousands of cities), so how do you know which cities you need to travel to ASAP? Best start saving now, ladies – we’ve … Continue Reading

Handbag Must-Haves

True life: you’re a little jealous of Mary Poppins for being able to store all of her stuff in her handbag.  Talk about organizational skills!   Wallet, because duh. If you don’t want to carry your full wallet, at least have a state ID and a debit or credit card on you. Phone. Bonus points … Continue Reading

20 Things Lessons You’ll Learn At Your First Job

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of lessons that we learned when we started clocking in. Though you may have grown up learning about the workplace through movies, TV, books, etc., the odds are that you will learn a lot more than you anticipated when you start working full-time. 1. The only time people will … Continue Reading

Stages of Grief: Your Favorite TV Show is Ending

Your favorite TV show (also known as Parks and Recreation, also known as the greatest show on TV ever) coming to an end is basically the same thing. Step 1: Denial What? No. This show is not over. They have to tell us if Leslie ever became president. Did she become a senator? A state … Continue Reading

Easy, Free Date Ideas!

If you’re looking for a great date that doesn’t break the bank, here’s an awesome list of ideas to start with. Seasonal festivals If you look at your local newspaper, you’ll find local, seasonal events that have free entry.  They can range from autumn harvest festivals to free tree lightings to the opening of the … Continue Reading

Best Morning Exercises For Beginners

Yoga Just because it’s not an hour-long session doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count as exercise! Even 15 minutes of yoga can have some seriously healthy side effects. You’ll be more conscious of your wellness throughout the day, and getting up early for yoga results in better sleeping habits. Morning stretching is crucial to preventing … Continue Reading

Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

You may not get to Kardashian levels straight away, but here are some easy,ways to get more (positive) attention on social media. Use the #hashtag We know that #this #looks #really #annoying, so the trick is to use hashtags in moderation. Don’t be afraid to join a trending topic on Twitter or Facebook, but only … Continue Reading

Potential Oscar Nominees

If you’re an awards show groupie, you’re probably looking to what films may (or may not) be nominated to win an Oscar in 2016.  To stay ahead of the pack, here are films you should check out before the end of the year so you can say you saw it first. Carol   Currently in … Continue Reading

Workplace Red Flags

If you’re worried that the position you’re in might fail you – or if you sense that something doesn’t feel right at work – here are the red flags that you be wary of. A Revolving Door Does it seem like your co-workers quit as often as new hires are introduced? If yes, be careful. … Continue Reading

Say Yes To Year End Resolutions

We’re not even close to the start of 2016, but I’ve already heard people discuss what their New Year’s Resolutions are going to be. How crazy is that? It’s still autumn, and we’re just starting to see Christmas-themed wrapping paper show up in stores. Truthfully, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that some are planning their … Continue Reading

Best Autumn Activites

If you’re looking to get all you can out of the three months of fall, here are the best autumn activities for you to partake in.   Apple Picking Nothing is more fall-like than dressing in a cozy scarf and running through an apple orchard.  Paying a few dollars to pick your own bushel of … Continue Reading

Rent-Friendly Apartment DIYs

Give DIYs  A Try!! Color your furniture Can’t paint your walls? Paint your furniture instead! Brighten up your Ikea or thrift store finds with colors you love – all you need to buy is a tarp, paint, and a brush! You can always update your pieces with a new color or pattern should you get … Continue Reading