Apps you need for a better year (Video)

  In this day and age, efficiency is a must. You want to feel better, work smarter and play harder. You’d be surprised how much a simple app can simplify your life, here are a few free apps you need to download for a more productive year. My Fitness Pal If you’re looking to get … Continue Reading

Things you have to do before you graduate college

Remember all those times people told you college flies by and you just laughed them off?  Well chances are you’re not laughing anymore because graduation is a lot closer than you think. Where did all the time go? There’s so many things you wanted to do and so many things you haven’t experienced yet. Well … Continue Reading

10 Books to Become A Better You!!!

The transition from young adult to being an actual adult isn’t easy, it can even be be quite scary.   Throughout your 20’s your put in a situation where you have to make a lot of big decisions that will impact your life in long run, all while trying to manage and succeed at the … Continue Reading

10 Most Instagram-worthy Spots in L.A.

Curating the perfect balance of selfies, food pics and group shots on Instagram is no easy task, let alone keeping a consistent aesthetic or picking a #tbt that’s funny, but not too embarrassing. Posting while you’re traveling is a guaranteed way to get likes and new followers, because you’re giving people a chance to live … Continue Reading