The Secret Behind Trendsetting

Recently I observed some of these friends to pick out their pattern. Not only are they confident wearing a brown paper bag, there are key factors in how they shop.  Even if it’s that advantageous friend who went to fashion school and can make their own stuff; or that seemingly rich friend who has the best … Continue Reading

Top 5 Countries Empowering Women

These are signs that a woman is respected by her country. While some places are still fighting to give rights to women, these countries are excelling. 5. Sweden The Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality and the Secretariat of Gender Research work hard to prioritize women’s rights in Sweden. Having 69 weeks worth of shared … Continue Reading

Girl Code: Do’s and Don’ts of Sisterhood

  DO offer up your wardrobe for party/sleepover purposes. Sleeping over? Going out that night? Wear the same size? By all means, ladies SHARE the glamour. This also goes for your make-up. For one, apply it in the same room! Some of the best make-up tips come from watching one another. Show off what you’ve learned … Continue Reading

Simple Dinner for Small Dinner Parties (Or for a date)

However, you underestimated the time you had to cook. Here’s a meal that does not take much time or thought. Baked Fish with Mixed Vegetables and Couscous (serves 4) 1 lb of defrosted Tilapia, Flounder, OR Sea Bass 2-3 teaspoons of garlic powder 2-3 teaspoons of onion powder 2-3 teaspoons of dried oregano or parsley 2-3 … Continue Reading

Fun NYC Activities For Any Weather

A Broadway show! How many natives have not seen a Broadway show? Did you know you can get $29 tickets for Les Miserables? Go to BroadwayBox or Ticketmaster online (unless you’re looking for Hamilton tickets which will cost you $300 any where you go). There are 30 shows on Broadway at any given time. That … Continue Reading

How To Change A Tire

  One day, I was on the road with my father when his tire blew. He pulled over, made me get out the car and said, “don’t ever let a man tell you-you don’t know how to change a tire.” First he got the essentials from the trunk: spare tire tire jack lug wrench chocks … Continue Reading

Combat Binge Eating (With Holiday’s Approaching)

BE MINDFUL!  Be aware of your eating habits. First step to knowing you have a problem is admitting it, right? Keep a mental journal or a physical one of your eating habits. Check in with yourself every time you eat. SNACK! Often! Seriously. Studies show that it’s better to spread your meals throughout the day, anyway. Buy small … Continue Reading

what NOT to do on a first date

When it comes to dating, there are somethings you should do and somethings you shouldn’t. Below are some of the the more ….egregious things that you should steer clear of. Do Not Talk about an ex. –  – But let him talk about his if he has to. Unfortunately, ladies, men need to express their emotional … Continue Reading