Adulting – The Things You Need to Know to Be a Grown Up

Here are The Things You Need to Know to Be a Grown-Up Adulting is work. It’s learning to withstand the temptations of immediate gratification in order to instill a greater good. It’s saving money. It’s being on time.     Adulting is the practiced skill of self-control that keeps you from blacking out and dancing on … Continue Reading

How to Stop Your Drunk Alter Ego from Ruining Your Life

It’s Friday night. You look good, dudes are buying you drinks, you had some shots with the girls before you left, and you might as well keep going. But you’re starting to feel yourself becoming somebody else. You’re approaching that magic number. For some girls, it’s 2 drinks; for others, it’s 10. Whatever your number … Continue Reading

Part Timer: Lessons Learned From Bakery Life

  The 5 AM alarm goes off; it takes every ounce of self-control that I have to not press snooze. I hop on my bicycle and zip up the four short blocks to work. When I walk in the back door, the boys from the night shift are finishing cleaning and complaining that the croissants … Continue Reading

Victoria Woodhull: The Nation’s True First Female Presidential Nominee

History was made on July 26, 2016 when the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton as the country’s first female presidential nominee for a major party. However, she is not the first female nominee in US history. That title belongs to Victoria Woodhull. In 1872, the Equal Rights Party nominated Victoria as their presidential candidate. … Continue Reading