Best Winter Face Mask

Besides the fact that winter really puts our lives in some real trouble and makes everything more tiring and difficult, it makes our skin drier and less fluffy. And fluffy and bright, is what we want. What we don´t want (ever) is dryness and crackled skin, right? Then here are the best face masks you … Continue Reading

Best Boutique Hotels In Upstate New York

Here are my choices of boutique hotels we truly recommend you to visit, in the classic Upstate New York.  The Graham & Co. At the foot of Hunter Mountain, inspired by the heritage of Catskills, this upscale boutique hotel stands for the good taste you can create with little and simple stuff. A simple deco … Continue Reading

Best Travel Apps

And although feelings are full of joy and excitement, we just don´t want to go through the always unpleasant On the go process. Even more in the madness of Holiday Season, when every minute of the day, no matter where, seems like rush hour time, and you find yourself fighting against the world. So here, … Continue Reading

Best Online Stores To Shop This Winter

Yes, there are more important things to worry about and yes winter in New York is not the best occasion to worry on that kind of matters, but sorry – I´m not sorry, dressing OK and being comfortable with who you are and what you wear is a good survival tip in a moody winter … Continue Reading

Beauty Tips On The Go

In a nutshell, your skin hates flights. There´s nothing worse than altitude combined with dryness and fake air for your skin, cells and pores. Therefore if we are smart enough (and we are) we will take the necessary time to avoid this and start our getaway on the right foot. Here, are some easy basic … Continue Reading

Model Tips We Should Know

But because I know none of them are actually going to happen as I know I can’t consistently stay on any of above (ok yes, on Carbs I can, deleting the bad ones, and embracing the good ones with much love) where I do find myself sometimes is thinking of how I can improve my … Continue Reading

Parisian girls habits we want to know

American girls love Parisian style!. L-O-V-E. So here some tips on how to approach: More is NOT: Like meal portions, the outfits are amazingly well constructed, but with few pieces, mostly basics, and little hints of trends. As a “petite dejeuner”, dazzle with little but good stuff. Neutral Tones: Love your favorite black skinny jeans, … Continue Reading