From creating the perfect cat eye to using Vaseline for just about everything, these are just a few tricks that are definitely useful and you’ll love sharing with your friends.

1. Use Conditioner As Shaving Creamshaving-legs1

You don’t want to be shaving your legs without using a cream or lotion because that just means getting unwanted razor bumps. If you ran out of your Skintimate shave gel, don’t stress! Just grab any hair conditioner and rub it on your legs as if it were a cream! Your skin will be smooth and bump free. You may even love using your conditioner much more than a regular shaving cream because it makes your skin soft and gives you a close shave.


2. Save Your Broken Lipstick broken-lipstick

Broke your favorite lipstick? Just take your blow dryer and blow dry your lipstick so that it’s warm, not melting, and so that it is able to mold back into shape. Roll your fingers around the lipstick and make it as perfect as possible. Lastly, put it in your freezer, and the next morning when you take it out, it should be good to go!


3. Have Your Perfume LastSpraying-Perfume

Feel like you spray your perfume just about everywhere and it never lasts? Well, you may not be spraying in the right places on your body. To smell great all day, just spritz your favorite scent behind your ears, the base of throat, inside your wrists, elbows and behind your knees. These places are all pressure points.


4. Avoid Lipstick On Your Teethlipstick_on_teeth

Having lipstick on your teeth and not knowing it when you’re out on a date could be extremely embarrassing. So save the embarrassment and do this simple hack by just using your finger. After putting on your favorite lipstick for that special night out, form an “O” with your lips and stick your index finger through, and slowly pull it out. You should have some excess lipstick on your finger that could have been your teeth if you missed this tip!


5. Create The Perfect Cat Eye Bazaars-tape-trick

Creating the perfect cat eye takes some practice, but you can easily create one with just scotch tape. Rip a piece of tape and put it on the back of your hand so it isn’t as sticky, then, place it at the bottom of your eye, and angle it where your cat eye would be. Finally, draw on your cat eye and once you think your eye makeup has settled, carefully remove the tape.


6. Flawless Foundation 51m0LO2AmYL._SY355_

To achieve a flawless face, you want to use a beauty blender that is damp. It’s important that you use a beauty blender instead of a brush is because the sponge will give you a streak-free finish. You also want to dampen the beauty blender because it makes foundation go on smoother and it gives you an easier application. To make your sponge damp, either use the MAC Prep and Prime Fix Plus or just simple water.


7. Make Your Lipstick Matte 7ff049c933e4428cb04a62bccfb6c123

This is a simple trick. If you want to lose that shine from your favorite lipstick, all you need is a face powder or a translucent powder. After you have applied your lipstick, take a tissue and hold it to your lips. Then, dab some powder on top of it and after you remove the napkin, you should have a matte lip!


8. Avoid Oily Hair Unknown

There are so many dry shampoos out there for those of us battling with oily hair. However, if you just used your last spritz of dry shampoo, don’t fret. All you need is talcum powder, which you hopefully have in your bathroom. Just dab some powder on to your hand and work it into the roots of your hair. It should work just as well as a dry shampoo!


9. Wonders Of Vaseline 71Ufq9ZlYEL._SL1500_

Everyone should have Vaseline in their home. Petroleum jelly works for just about everything. If you’re having issues removing the lash glue from your eyelids after taking off your fake lashes, just rub some vaseline on your eyes and gently rub it off. Vaseline is also great for soothing cracked heels, and is awesome for when you need to protect your skin from hair coloring.


10. Curl Your Hair Without Heat Damage How-To-Make-Curly-Hair-Without-Heat-0

Using too many heating products is not good for your hair. So after you take a shower and your hair’s a bit damp, just start twisting pieces of hair into small buns and clip each piece up. After you sleep with your hair all pinned up, wake up and let your hair loose, and you should have natural-looking curls.



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