Just because it’s not an hour-long session doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count as exercise! Even 15 minutes of yoga can have some seriously healthy side effects. You’ll be more conscious of your wellness throughout the day, and getting up early for yoga results in better sleeping habits. Morning stretching is crucial to preventing injury and achiness throughout the day, and it’s especially important if your job requires you to stagnant (think sitting at your desk) all day.



Exercise and self-defense combined into one activity? Yes please! Kickboxing combines martial arts and cardio, making it a high-energy workout that’s sure to help you reach your health goals.  It tones your entire body and improves your hand-eye coordination.  (You have to know where you’re punching, after all!)  Aside from other physical benefits, you’ll work out any aggression you’re holding onto and gain confidence along the way.



The basics are called the basics for a reason.  A workout circuit that includes jumping jacks, burpees, sit-ups, planks, etc. will get your heart pumping and improve the efficiency of movement. Aerobics strengthens your muscles and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, and coronary artery disease.  It also improves your body’s ability to use fat as an energy source instead of just storage.  Sure, it might sound a little dry, but if it helps you live longer than it’s worth trying.

Walking and/or Running


Not a runner? Start off slow with a morning walk.  Exerting energy will help you feel more awake, and if you choose to go outside instead of staying on a treadmill – the brisk air is a great way to tell your body to get going. When you eventually progress to running, you’ll start increasing your oxygen flow and flushing out toxins. You’ll also strengthen your cartilage – so no, Grandma, running won’t ruin my joints.

Weight Training


It’s not just for men – early morning weightlifting is great for everyone.  Find a gym buddy to both spot you and motivate you.  Having a friend to help you wake up early will help regulate your circadian rhythm and also your endocrine system.  What does that mean exactly? Well, your metabolism will elevate, your hormones will naturally prepare your body for exercise, and you may find that you don’t need an alarm clock to get up on various mornings.

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