Yes, there are more important things to worry about and yes winter in New York is not the best occasion to worry on that kind of matters, but sorry – I´m not sorry, dressing OK and being comfortable with who you are and what you wear is a good survival tip in a moody winter with awful weather. So, yes, let´s say is therapeutically.

Now, considering the weather and the market, I´ve found myself doing magic over the Internet. Browsing for hours and feeling this temporally joy in the peace of my home with a peach tea on my hand an all sort of cozy gems popping up in my screen. Oh, such a wonderful scene. Then well, I thought that sharing my finds might be good for more girls like me living the daily hustle. Hope you enjoy!

The Cheap/Chic Est

Romwe: Chinese yes, but great service, in English and prompt. My first order was an unbelievable 4 pieces for 50 dollars that arrived (and this is even more unbelievable) after 6 days of my purchase. My second time in Romwe was even better as I got a 60% discount coupon and paid $52 dollars for 6 pieces including a lovely denim jumpsuit. So girls. Best finds, amazing prices, prompt service. Everything is part of my daily winter closet, and the sizes are American, not Chinese, so do not worry for getting tiny stuff deliver to your home, as that will not happen.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.55.12 p.m. 

The One & Only

Forever21: So, I´m not any genius by letting you know how accessible and affordable this big retail store is. But I do think is my duty to tell to the ones that find F21 is always a little big mess as a store; where you spend more time fighting to find what you need than enjoying the experience; that you´ll be amaze by the online version where you can actually get or type any seasonal craving for a cheapest price. Also, rarely, everything it´s send by the online version to your home looks and feel much more classy than when you see it at the store. Basically, F21 Online is the Cinderella version of dusty Cinderella and really feels so good. Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.52.43 p.m.


The Treat Yourself

Rue La La: So this is not the cheapest way to shop, but definitely one of the happiest ways to do it whenever you are decided to treat yourself a little bit. Rue La La, an online store based in Boston, offer as an online boutique new finds of great brands and designers, every week, for few little time. The prices are not overwhelming at alla and most times are great deals, but they´re not F21.

The service is very quick, the Rue La La box is a good Design Team piece of work and customer service (telephone and email) works with no problem at all. Returns and 100% refund available for every purchase. Ou la la !


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