And although feelings are full of joy and excitement, we just don´t want to go through the always unpleasant On the go process. Even more in the madness of Holiday Season, when every minute of the day, no matter where, seems like rush hour time, and you find yourself fighting against the world.

So here, some handy apps for anyone looking for a bit of help in middle of the insanity of Holiday Season.



For Androids, Iphones and Ipads, this App is a must for the simple reason that it´s so accurate on the information provided that no matter where you are going, it gives you updated info about the currency conversion.




This world famous marketplace app based in San Francisco is the best option when it comes to find a nice place that feels like home, but looks like an hotel. With more than 34.000 cities and 200 countries covered, Airbnb offers from cute apartments to castles (literally). A must if you´re a real traveler. At the same time, you can post your own home if you´re planning to make a bit of money while you´re on vacay. There, perfect deal. Free, for Androids and Iphones.




Your mate knows how to surprise you with your favorite lunch, but probably has no idea how to plan out your vacations with the best tips, advices, places etc. Basically Worldmate is covering up your entire trip just by resending them all your booking confirmations, flights reservations and more to their email Free, for Iphones and Androids.




A buddy that let you know when is time to refuel, and where to go and how much you´ll pay. If you can save a couple of bucks by cruising a little farther down the road, GasBuddy will let you know. This is your kind of buddy. On: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Web, Windows Phone.




For IPhones only, this is your personal assistant when it comes to travel. Share all your travel info (where, when, how many days) and it will show you how to save space for your beautiful coat, or not to forget basic stuff like passport, documentation, etc. This app is not for free, and cost a worthy amount of $1.99.

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