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Why Internships Should Pay

Internships are the place where you report to obtain daily experience, either during your time, before, or after college. Usually, people get an internship in the field they want to enter before they graduate. If you don't attend school, you can still get an internship for the necessary experience. Last week the word #internships was trending on Twitter,...

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10 Most Instagram-worthy Spots in L.A.

Curating the perfect balance of selfies, food pics and group shots on Instagram is no easy task, let alone keeping a consistent aesthetic or picking a #tbt that's funny, but not too embarrassing. Posting while you're traveling is a guaranteed way to get likes and new followers, because you're giving people a chance to live vicariously through your...

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Unique Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so it might be a good idea to start thinking of gifts to give your significant other. Flowers are always a good idea, but why not surprise your lover with something unique and different? Check out these uncommon gifts that are perfect for your Valentine and won't hurt your wallet.   Gifts...

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Best Boutique Hotels In Upstate New York

Here are my choices of boutique hotels we truly recommend you to visit, in the classic Upstate New York.  The Graham & Co. At the foot of Hunter Mountain, inspired by the heritage of Catskills, this upscale boutique hotel stands for the good taste you can create with little and simple stuff. A simple deco that integrates moderns...

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Easy, Free Date Ideas!

If you’re looking for a great date that doesn’t break the bank, here’s an awesome list of ideas to start with. Seasonal festivals If you look at your local newspaper, you’ll find local, seasonal events that have free entry.  They can range from autumn harvest festivals to free tree lightings to the opening of the spring farmer’s market. ...

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The Secret Behind Trendsetting

Recently I observed some of these friends to pick out their pattern. Not only are they confident wearing a brown paper bag, there are key factors in how they shop.  Even if it's that advantageous friend who went to fashion school and can make their own stuff; or that seemingly rich friend who has the best of everything in...

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Top 5 Countries Empowering Women

These are signs that a woman is respected by her country. While some places are still fighting to give rights to women, these countries are excelling. 5. Sweden The Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality and the Secretariat of Gender Research work hard to prioritize women's rights in Sweden. Having 69 weeks worth of shared maternity leave and...

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