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Halloween Leave Us Alone!!

Every Halloween it seems like you guys get creative crazier and crazier...   TINA BELCHER TAKES OVER BROOKLYN — Flaka (@CelinaNichole) October 27, 2017   Sorry, but this @FallonandByrne staff member wins #Halloween for me! It's the nonchalance, checklist & modesty shorts... #Bravo #WonderWoman — Gutter Bookshop (@gutterbookshop) October 29, 2017   aye it's ya boi ???...

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Twitter WTF vol 3

Just when you thought it was safe to come out .... Twiiter had toi f%ck it up. 1) When you walk passed your friends classroom — Funny Tweets™ (@Lmao) October 26, 2017   2)  There's a Halloween party for kids in the Senate and one is dressed as the bill from Schoolhouse Rock!!!! — Jeremy Herb...

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