The 5 Best Tacos In The City

Big things comes in small packages, never rings more true than when we’re talking about tacos. Big flavor on a small tortilla, tacos never disappoint. If you ever find yourself in need of an authentic pork carnitas with a side of guac and chips, here are the 5 best places in the city to grab … Continue Reading

Best Date Night Restaurants In Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn! Fuhgeddaboudit! As one of the five boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn is one of a kind. The various neighborhoods consist of the ultra trendy Williamsburg, Park Slope, Crown Heights, and stretches all the way south to Coney Island, so obviously there is going to be some great places to eat! Check out … Continue Reading

Best Date Night Restaurants In Queens

The borough is home to millions of people from all different cultures, making it an important and huge part of the city’s melting pot. And with all these unique cultures in Queens, there obviously has to be great food too! So what could be better than getting out of Manhattan and checking out some of … Continue Reading

Simple Dinner for Small Dinner Parties (Or for a date)

However, you underestimated the time you had to cook. Here’s a meal that does not take much time or thought. Baked Fish with Mixed Vegetables and Couscous (serves 4) 1 lb of defrosted Tilapia, Flounder, OR Sea Bass 2-3 teaspoons of garlic powder 2-3 teaspoons of onion powder 2-3 teaspoons of dried oregano or parsley 2-3 … Continue Reading

Combat Binge Eating (With Holiday’s Approaching)

BE MINDFUL!  Be aware of your eating habits. First step to knowing you have a problem is admitting it, right? Keep a mental journal or a physical one of your eating habits. Check in with yourself every time you eat. SNACK! Often! Seriously. Studies show that it’s better to spread your meals throughout the day, anyway. Buy small … Continue Reading