The Girl Side May / June Rewind-2017

Here’s a recap of the month of May/ June Enjoy the bonus footage an subscribe for more Girl Side

Fill in the blank Episode 1

We ask the girls a bunch of ridiculous questions in the first installment of Fill in the blank.

Girls Answer Season 1 Episode 13: Zodiac Sign- (What’s your zodiac sign?)

It’s the season finale of Girl’s Answer and we just wanna know your zodiac sign , please !!!  

Pilar vs Emma | Skull Girls | Girl Fight Klub Ep 3

In episode 3, Pilar and Emma Face off in a rousing game of Skull Girls!!!! Enjoy!!!

Gabriela vs Regine | Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Super Heroes | Girl Fight Klub Ep 1

Girl Fight Klub Gabriela and Regine face off in the cult classic Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes  

Girls Answer Season 1 Episode 12: Slang- (How well do you know your country grammar?)

Today we try to see how slang goes viral and becomes part of our vernacular!!!

Girls Answer Season 1 Episode 11: Instagram- (Can you defend thirst trapping?)

Today we explore the phenomenon that is Instragram and whether or not is has staying power.  

Girls Answer Season 1 Episode 10: Female Grooming- (Are you shaving?)

We try to find out if girls abide by the rules of shaving and just how long does it take them to get ready to go out.  

The Girl Side April Rewind-2017 (Video)

Here’s a recap of the month of April Enjoy the bonus footage an subscribe for more Girl Side  

Girls Answer Episode 8: Ex’s- (Why do people break up?)

We try to make sense of relationships that go sour out of nowhere Enjoy

Have You Seen This Ep 1- United Airlines Fiasco

We take look at the United Airline debacle and Emma weighs in on the matter at hand. What do you think ?

Girls Answer Episode 6: Random Questions- (Beyonce or Taylor Swift?)

We decided to break from the norm and just field a bunch of random questions. Enjoy!!!!

Girls Answer Episode 5 Cheating – (Is it ok to cheat ?) (video)

The girls need to know if cheating is ok ?…No wait they know already. Watch and see !!!

Girls Answer Episode 3 Bathroom- (Did you flush ?) (video)

The fortress of unsanitary solitude They stink, but when nature calls. Enjoy!!

Apps you need for a better year (Video)

  In this day and age, efficiency is a must. You want to feel better, work smarter and play harder. You’d be surprised how much a simple app can simplify your life, here are a few free apps you need to download for a more productive year. My Fitness Pal If you’re looking to get … Continue Reading

First Hour With – Switchcars Review

We give a review of SwitchCars, an indie game that is available on Steam now!!! Checkout the video for our First hour with the game.

GIRLS Answer Episode 2- How to approach women? (Video)

In the second episode of Girls Answer, we tackle the ever popular question, how to approach women. Enjoy!!!

Girls Answer Episode 1 – Let’s get Political (Video)

We get Political folks!!!!!   In the first episode of Girls Answer, we answer the questions surrounding the upcoming election.