You may not get to Kardashian levels straight away, but here are some easy,ways to get more (positive) attention on social media.

Use the #hashtag


We know that #this #looks #really #annoying, so the trick is to use hashtags in moderation. Don’t be afraid to join a trending topic on Twitter or Facebook, but only if you’re posting something that you’re okay to have read by a mass audience.


Switch up your content


Even if you think you’re William Shakespeare in 140 characters, don’t stick to just text in your posts. Share photos, videos, GIFs, emojis – whatever content you think expresses yourself best! The more interesting your content is, the more sharable it becomes, and the more followers you get.

Share your location


You don’t have to tell followers that you’re on the seventh bar stool from the right, but geotagging your posts puts you on the radar of the places you frequent. This can be a good thing! Sometimes places will give you discounts or free drinks if you consistently check in on social media.


Link up


Use your profiles to promote your other social media accounts. It’s very easy to include your Snapchat info on your Twitter and your Twitter username on your LinkedIn profile – you just need to keep your profile information up to date.


Post consistently

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Create a regular schedule for posting and stick to it. Your viewers need to know when they can expect content from you – even if ranges from once a day to once a week.


Make new (virtual) friends


If you’re looking to grow your network to include people you don’t already know, you can’t be afraid to reach out to strangers. Look for people that share similar interests and start a conversation with them – retweet something, give it a like, or add a comment to an already existing post.

Be human


Nobody wants to be friends with a robot. It’s okay if you have typos, make mistakes, or get a bit silly. You’re a person! Even if it’s all digital, make sure to be yourself. (Though adding a filter or two never hurt anybody. 🙂 )

Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments! 

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