I’m writing a letter to myself, so I can look back at it five years from this date, and remind myself of the dreams and thoughts I have. Time flies you know, care to join in?

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What I look like now. Have I changed much?
What I look like now. Have I changed much?

Dear Silvia,
I hope these years have given you wisdom. Whenever you’ve taken a leap, it’s either helped you be better or taught you a huge lesson. Did we go to Germany and Greece yet? I hope you took pictures and blogged about it if you did! As for the language, did you master German? Yes, you know some, but Hallo Wie geht’s is getting old!

Improv, did we finish all of the UCB classes? I hope so. If you did, I also expect you joined an improv troupe with a kick-ass name too!

Acting. Don’t limit yourself to comedy. Try and work in a drama. You are Latina, you Can. Do. Drama. I know you’re on the fence because you think you’re not ready or worthy of an agent yet. Although deep down, I believe that you can get if you just trust yourself a little more.

Oh, and don’t let your personal website go either. You love to write. Plus, you’ll look back at all of the great things you did, and felt. That’s also where you review books, movies, and lots of other cool things that people like you can relate to.  Hopefully, it’s so good five years from now, that we can live off of it, hah!

I’ll leave you with this, take care of your health, family, and keep your standards high in both business and personal relationships. It can get lonesome sometimes, I know. You’ve let many people walk out of your life, but I’m confident that you are fair. So don’t think for one second that you deserve second best in anything. You. Matter.

In ending, try to embrace your achievements. Sometimes you move too fast, and forget to appreciate the fruits of all your hard work. Don’t be too hard on yourself; the world does that enough for you already. Keep going.

-Until the very end


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Because I am seeing this a year and a half after you wrote it, I’m going to post my letter here. I was too inspired not to write one.

Dear future self,

I hope you have not lost all the wisdom you gained through the tough years in your late twenties and early thirties. I’d love to say I hope your fibromyalgia and chronic pain/fatigue have been cured; I hope five years has been long enough for that. If not, I hope that you have found more success in dealing with it.

How’s it going with your daughter? I hope you and G are still close and talking like you always have been. I know she’s nearing 14 and isn’t the sweet almost nine yr-old I have now, but remember, we are already dealing with hormones, and we are two moms, we can handle this alright. When you feel overwhelmed/frustrated/angry, look back through those pictures you love of her throughout the ages. Remind yourself of the incredible person she is.

Have you finished your novel yet? You better have!

How many Cavaliers have you rescued now? I hope you and the wife have been able to find a house we love and are slowly refinishing the inside. This home had better have a big yard so we can both have our own dogs and foster others. How many other animals do you have? I’m laughing just thinking about it. Remember to keep your focus – rescuing dogs. But other pets are fun too.

I hope your blogging has taken off and you are taking on fabulous freelance articles as I never want to see you stop writing. You are a great writer. I am proud of you currently, I wish you the same feeling in five years.

Did you learn how to sew? Have you been starting to sew clothing? Right now, you are inspired, you have the design skills, and you have a machine now, it’s just starting from the beginning and moving on up.

Never forget to appreciate yourself and your successes, you are superb. And when it gets lonely, get out of the house! Write somewhere else. Or don’t write, walk around and be inspired by things you see, let the world move with you.

All the best –


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