The transition from young adult to being an actual adult isn’t easy, it can even be be quite scary.   Throughout your 20’s your put in a situation where you have to make a lot of big decisions that will impact your life in long run, all while trying to manage and succeed at the … Continue Reading

I’m writing a letter to myself, so I can look back at it five years from this date, and remind myself of the dreams and thoughts I have. Time flies you know, care to join in? If you do do it (you rebel, you) hashtag me on The Girl Side Instagram or Facebook page! #GirlSideDare … Continue Reading

Something peculiar has happened to me this past year. I got a job, ok not just a job. It’s a job that I really enjoy doing, one where I get excellent flexibility and all my clients love me unconditionally. I’m a dog walker! When I’m not improvising or writing I chill with my puppers. Now, … Continue Reading

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in some last-minute fun. They say the best things in life are free, and in NYC, that may just be true. Here’s what you can do if you simply can’t go to Central Park one more time.   #1 Take a … Continue Reading

Is your makeup bag overflowing while your wallet has seen better days? Are you just beginning to build your makeup stash? Do you prefer to stick to the basics? Luckily, the best part of makeup is it allows you to get creative, including exploring its multi-purpose beauty. Whether to stretch a dollar or stretch a product, … Continue Reading

Ambition: A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Source: Oxford Dictionary Online Did you hear that kittens? Determination, hard work. When you’re busy doing this, there’s no time for self-loathing. No time to stop and think about what others think of you. You are busy. Too busy … Continue Reading

You’ve wandered through every alcove of the Met, you’ve admired the Warhols at MoMA, and you’ve become best friends with the dinosaur skeleton in the Museum of Natural History. What now? Whether you’re new to the city or a native New Yorker, it’s no secret that NYC is teeming with endless treasures, including a host … Continue Reading

  The 5 AM alarm goes off; it takes every ounce of self-control that I have to not press snooze. I hop on my bicycle and zip up the four short blocks to work. When I walk in the back door, the boys from the night shift are finishing cleaning and complaining that the croissants … Continue Reading

History was made on July 26, 2016 when the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton as the country’s first female presidential nominee for a major party. However, she is not the first female nominee in US history. That title belongs to Victoria Woodhull. In 1872, the Equal Rights Party nominated Victoria as their presidential candidate. … Continue Reading

Curating the perfect balance of selfies, food pics and group shots on Instagram is no easy task, let alone keeping a consistent aesthetic or picking a #tbt that’s funny, but not too embarrassing. Posting while you’re traveling is a guaranteed way to get likes and new followers, because you’re giving people a chance to live … Continue Reading

We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all workplaces are not created equal, but the relationship between a co-worker and their work BFF is totally sacred no matter where you work. Don’t believe us? Read the below list and see if you don’t identify with any of the below. 1. You remember the … Continue Reading

We give a review of SwitchCars, an indie game that is available on Steam now!!! Checkout the video for our First hour with the game.

In the second episode of Girls Answer, we tackle the ever popular question, how to approach women. Enjoy!!!

Once you hit both your twenties and chronic full-time job fatigue, you’re officially bit by the travel bug.  The options to travel to seem pretty endless (seven continents, hundreds of countries, and thousands of cities), so how do you know which cities you need to travel to ASAP? Best start saving now, ladies – we’ve … Continue Reading

True life: you’re a little jealous of Mary Poppins for being able to store all of her stuff in her handbag.  Talk about organizational skills!   Wallet, because duh. If you don’t want to carry your full wallet, at least have a state ID and a debit or credit card on you. Phone. Bonus points … Continue Reading

There are people in this world who know what they want out of life, go for it, and stick with it. They’re those picturesque “American Dream” kind of people whose lives are wrapped up in a beautiful bow, and things tend to go fairly smoothly for them. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with … Continue Reading

We get Political folks!!!!!   In the first episode of Girls Answer, we answer the questions surrounding the upcoming election.

To the employers of the 21st century: Here is a how-to guide to employing a Millennial. We’re a hot commodity because of our technological savvy, our boundless energy, and new style of creativity, and we’re excited to work for you. However, we come at a price. It’s a pretty low price, in my opinion, and … Continue Reading

Welcome to Brooklyn! Fuhgeddaboudit! As one of the five boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn is one of a kind. The various neighborhoods consist of the ultra trendy Williamsburg, Park Slope, Crown Heights, and stretches all the way south to Coney Island, so obviously there is going to be some great places to eat! Check out … Continue Reading

A fashion savvy girl knows she doesn’t need a bunch of accessories. In fact, there are eight key pieces that can make any outfit stand out and are just as essential as owning a little black dress. Check out these eight accessories below and see if you own them. 1. Statement Necklace  A statement necklace … Continue Reading

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of lessons that we learned when we started clocking in. Though you may have grown up learning about the workplace through movies, TV, books, etc., the odds are that you will learn a lot more than you anticipated when you start working full-time. 1. The only time people will … Continue Reading

Winter can be a challenge, especially when it comes to staying healthy, and I don’t just mean in terms of body weight.    Use your feet. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs when you need to go somewhere. Instead of sending that email or picking up the phone, take a walk to visit the … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so it might be a good idea to start thinking of gifts to give your significant other. Flowers are always a good idea, but why not surprise your lover with something unique and different? Check out these uncommon gifts that are perfect for your Valentine and won’t hurt your … Continue Reading

Besides the fact that winter really puts our lives in some real trouble and makes everything more tiring and difficult, it makes our skin drier and less fluffy. And fluffy and bright, is what we want. What we don´t want (ever) is dryness and crackled skin, right? Then here are the best face masks you … Continue Reading