Yes, there are more important things to worry about and yes winter in New York is not the best occasion to worry on that kind of matters, but sorry – I´m not sorry, dressing OK and being comfortable with who you are and what you wear is a good survival tip in a moody winter … Continue Reading

The trick is in the application of your limited experiences to multiple situations. If your resume is accurate then the interviewer already knows how many years you have (or haven’t been) in the business, so focus on what you do have and avoid the following phrases. 1. “I don’t know.” Maybe you don’t actually know, … Continue Reading

If you’re looking for a great date that doesn’t break the bank, here’s an awesome list of ideas to start with. Seasonal festivals If you look at your local newspaper, you’ll find local, seasonal events that have free entry.  They can range from autumn harvest festivals to free tree lightings to the opening of the … Continue Reading

Yoga Just because it’s not an hour-long session doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count as exercise! Even 15 minutes of yoga can have some seriously healthy side effects. You’ll be more conscious of your wellness throughout the day, and getting up early for yoga results in better sleeping habits. Morning stretching is crucial to preventing … Continue Reading

You may not get to Kardashian levels straight away, but here are some easy,ways to get more (positive) attention on social media. Use the #hashtag We know that #this #looks #really #annoying, so the trick is to use hashtags in moderation. Don’t be afraid to join a trending topic on Twitter or Facebook, but only … Continue Reading

Recently I observed some of these friends to pick out their pattern. Not only are they confident wearing a brown paper bag, there are key factors in how they shop.  Even if it’s that advantageous friend who went to fashion school and can make their own stuff; or that seemingly rich friend who has the best … Continue Reading

These are signs that a woman is respected by her country. While some places are still fighting to give rights to women, these countries are excelling. 5. Sweden The Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality and the Secretariat of Gender Research work hard to prioritize women’s rights in Sweden. Having 69 weeks worth of shared … Continue Reading

  You can never go wrong with a little black dress for New Year’s Eve, but why keep it simple when there are so many options to consider? Even if you feel most comfortable wearing black, you can still find looks that add an extra “oomph” to your LBD. From fringe, sequins and even lace, don’t … Continue Reading

  DO offer up your wardrobe for party/sleepover purposes. Sleeping over? Going out that night? Wear the same size? By all means, ladies SHARE the glamour. This also goes for your make-up. For one, apply it in the same room! Some of the best make-up tips come from watching one another. Show off what you’ve learned … Continue Reading

If you’re an awards show groupie, you’re probably looking to what films may (or may not) be nominated to win an Oscar in 2016.  To stay ahead of the pack, here are films you should check out before the end of the year so you can say you saw it first. Carol   Currently in … Continue Reading

However, there are tons of other parks to discover in the city and these ten are definitely worth checking out.

However, you underestimated the time you had to cook. Here’s a meal that does not take much time or thought. Baked Fish with Mixed Vegetables and Couscous (serves 4) 1 lb of defrosted Tilapia, Flounder, OR Sea Bass 2-3 teaspoons of garlic powder 2-3 teaspoons of onion powder 2-3 teaspoons of dried oregano or parsley 2-3 … Continue Reading

In a nutshell, your skin hates flights. There´s nothing worse than altitude combined with dryness and fake air for your skin, cells and pores. Therefore if we are smart enough (and we are) we will take the necessary time to avoid this and start our getaway on the right foot. Here, are some easy basic … Continue Reading

But because I know none of them are actually going to happen as I know I can’t consistently stay on any of above (ok yes, on Carbs I can, deleting the bad ones, and embracing the good ones with much love) where I do find myself sometimes is thinking of how I can improve my … Continue Reading

Anyway, back to dating. Although it’s not my favorite thing to do, I still eventually want to be in a committed, healthy relationship and that requires some form of dating first. This leads us to the next issue: finding someone I want to spend that much time with, while also being so physically attractive that … Continue Reading

The Workaholic Her ambition is the reason she is in the Big Apple. It is more than obvious that she hardly has a life outside of her office. Even on a date, this girl is not letting her phone remain unattended even for a moment. She is constantly replying to messages and responding to emails. … Continue Reading

If you’re worried that the position you’re in might fail you – or if you sense that something doesn’t feel right at work – here are the red flags that you be wary of. A Revolving Door Does it seem like your co-workers quit as often as new hires are introduced? If yes, be careful. … Continue Reading

 There’s something to be said for living with someone who shares your bloodline that will still love you even if you’re messy, forget to do your dishes, or take too long in the shower. Being a good roommate isn’t really that hard, and yet some people are truly terrible at it. Here are some ways … Continue Reading

A Broadway show! How many natives have not seen a Broadway show? Did you know you can get $29 tickets for Les Miserables? Go to BroadwayBox or Ticketmaster online (unless you’re looking for Hamilton tickets which will cost you $300 any where you go). There are 30 shows on Broadway at any given time. That … Continue Reading

  One day, I was on the road with my father when his tire blew. He pulled over, made me get out the car and said, “don’t ever let a man tell you-you don’t know how to change a tire.” First he got the essentials from the trunk: spare tire tire jack lug wrench chocks … Continue Reading

We see it all the time on screen: the cute girl next door goes for the bad boys and her dad gets upset but all she can say is “I can’t help it, opposites attract.” I’m sure we’ve all had our “bad boy” phase in some way or another -dating people who are so completely … Continue Reading

Stress can come from anywhere. Here are someways to keep it from getting the best of you.   Treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, or it can. If you’re due for a massage, go for it! Or just go for a nice walk, pet a puppy, buy yourself an ice cream cone. … Continue Reading

There is dependably an event or an occasion around the corners nowadays which makes us wonder about some extraordinary blessing thoughts which would touch our friends and family and be simple on our pocket too. After all, pockets will be ours always. There are heaps of methods for making an eye catching present for your … Continue Reading

We’re not even close to the start of 2016, but I’ve already heard people discuss what their New Year’s Resolutions are going to be. How crazy is that? It’s still autumn, and we’re just starting to see Christmas-themed wrapping paper show up in stores. Truthfully, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that some are planning their … Continue Reading