Remember all those times people told you college flies by and you just laughed them off?  Well chances are you’re not laughing anymore because graduation is a lot closer than you think.

Where did all the time go? There’s so many things you wanted to do and so many things you haven’t experienced yet. Well now is the time to finish all of those things, and to help you out, here are eight things you need to do before you graduate college.

Go on a trip

Whether you travel by land, air or sea, going on a trip with your closest friends is a must. Pick a random city on a map and drive, have a raunchy spring break worthy of the movies or go on a quaint weekend getaway.

Walk around all of campus

Chances are there are a few spots on campus you’ve never step foot on, dust off your freshman orientation guide and check them all out before you graduate.

Take a gender/race class

While you might have to rearrange your schedule for this one, but the eye opening revelations and tolerance you’ll get will be well worth it.

Complete a bar crawl

While you and your squad might frequent the same 3 bars near campus, you can’t say you conquered the bar scene at school until you’ve completed a successful bar crawl, meaning go to every bar on campus in one night.

Take a class just for fun


Just because you’re a bio major doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take an art class. If you can spare the credits, take a class just for fun, whether it’s dancing, drawing or dinosaurs.

Crash a party

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Chances are college is the last time you’ll be able to walk into a stranger’s house without any consequences. So screw it, hop a fence or two and sneak into a frat house for one last time.

Host a game night

Some of the best memories you’ll have with friends are the nights you just stayed home. Grab a deck of cards, blow the dust off of Sorry and have a good old fashioned game night.

Pull an all nighter

How many times have you stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, just to cram for an exam? Put a pot of coffee to brew, stay up all night talking with your friends, and just be corny and watch the sunrise

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