Here are The Things You Need to Know to Be a Grown-Up

Adulting is work.


It’s learning to withstand the temptations of immediate gratification in order to instill a greater good. It’s saving money. It’s being on time.




Adulting is the practiced skill of self-control that keeps you from blacking out and dancing on tables at the office party. It’s leaving the car keys at home.

It’s writing checks. It’s credit scores.

Adulting is meeting people with an open mind, but knowing when to keep your distance. It’s identifying who you must respect in order to move forward in life and who you must let go of in order to have peace of mind.

 It’s doing the right thing because it’s the right thing.texting-1490691

Adulting is not texting or calling your ex whenever you miss them because you know that would be no good for either of you.

Adulting is understanding your own needs before you take care of someone else’s. It’s an ability to compromise without completely losing ground.

It’s knowing when to go to a bigger adult for advice.

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Adulting is driving your mom to her doctor’s appointments because she’s been driving you to every doctor’s appointment since day one. It’s remembering to call the people who love you.

Adulting is knowing when to be alone. It’s knowing when to speak and when to let the silence settle.

 It’s knowing when that dirty bowl in the sink is the one too many. It’s realizing the difference between a mess you need to clean up and a mess you need to walk away from.

Adulting is not having mac and cheese for breakfast just because you feel like it. It’s knowing when to stop and close that bag of chips because you can’t afford to buy a bigger wardrobe, financially or emotionally.

Boxes of Kraft Foods Inc. Macaroni & Cheese sit on a shelf in a grocery store in Glenview, Illinois, U.S., on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010. Cadbury Plc agreed to an improved 11.9 billion-pound ($19.7 billion) offer from Kraft Foods Inc., ending more than four months of resistance and creating the world's largest confectioner. Photographer: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg via Getty Images News

It’s tying up your boots and wearing a jacket when it’s cold outside, even if you look like a snowball.

Adulting is holding your friend’s or cousin’s or stranger’s hair back while she pukes and cries into the toilet and telling her it will be alright. It’s reminding yourself that it will be alright. It’s learning how to properly clean a bathroom.

It’s admitting to your own mistakes and learning from them.

It’s being aware that everything is temporary. It’s reminding yourself that one day these broken nails and broken hearts and frustration over broken cell phones won’t matter anymore. It’s paying attention to the things that will.


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