To the employers of the 21st century:

Here is a how-to guide to employing a Millennial. We’re a hot commodity because of our technological savvy, our boundless energy, and new style of creativity, and we’re excited to work for you. However, we come at a price. It’s a pretty low price, in my opinion, and it’s one that you can afford to pay.



Respect and appreciation. Most of us go into jobs thinking this is a no-brainer but have to leave said job after only a few months because we’re tired of being worked too hard without any credit. (Insert stereotype about being spoiled. Feel better?) We’re seriously not asking for much, just a thank you when we’ve done a good job. Let us know that the efforts we are putting in are appreciated and we will reciprocate with even more gusto.


Benefits. No, I don’t mean a higher salary, although that’s nice too. We’re not dumb, we know the raise doesn’t happen right away. I’m talking about the other benefits- like gym memberships, snacks in the kitchen, or summer Fridays. It may sound meaningless to you but it goes a long way for us.

Culture. This is a big one. The Millennial generation is a social one, unlike any other before us. We have more ways to keep in contact with our friends than ever before, and we love to meet new people. Work should be no different. Would it be that bad to have a happy hour a couple times a month for your employees? Letting us have fun in our work space helps us work harder. When we’re surrounded by happy, positive people, we want to do good work for them. Make sense?


Opportunity. Help us grow. It’s pretty simple. We’re not here to hold the same role for 20 years. You want us for our boundless energy, right? So find a place for us to use it. We understand it may take a little time but we work better knowing there is room to grow and expand. It’s really hard to put our nose to the grind when doing so will get us nowhere. No one likes to be on a hamster wheel.


Use us to your advantage. Give a little and you will get a lot. We really don’t ask for much in way of our employment but we won’t hesitate to leave if we aren’t getting it. And can you really afford to lose us?

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