These are signs that a woman is respected by her country. While some places are still fighting to give rights to women, these countries are excelling.


5. Sweden

The Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality and the Secretariat of Gender Research work hard to prioritize women’s rights in Sweden. Having 69 weeks worth of shared maternity leave and protection for part time workers, Sweden has given much thought to empowering women in the way that women need it. Women’s education and childcare in this country are rivaled only by Finland and Norway.


4. New Zealand

New Zealand has been about women empowerment maybe even before they granted women the right to vote in 1893. In the year 2000, there was a woman placed as Queen, Governor, Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker and President of the Supreme Court. That is pretty impressive!


3. Norway

Norway was the first country to pass laws on gender equality. A public advocate was also set by Parliament to enforce these laws and a committee was set up to make sure any issues were dealt with. Father’s get maternity leave and parents have access to the top nurseries; childcare is a priority. The government has a quota to fill as far as women representation goes. Empowerment is embodied in their law.


2. Finland

Let’s talk about the Maternity package that every expectant mother receives in this country. With items varying from a Snowsuit and clothing essentials to a bath thermometer, nipple cream and condoms, a mattress and a box that can be used as a crib, this package details how considerate Finland is.

I do not even have children and I want this.

With Finland being a leading country in education, it is no wonder their women are treated so humanely. Between their Equality Act and constitutional focus on equality, Finland aims to close the gender gap. Paid parental leave, public childcare and state funded school meals are examples of how Finland empowers women.


1. Iceland

How about Iceland outlawed strip clubs as an act of feminism? Iceland has looked into harsher censoring and control around Internet pornography as they acknowledge how harmful it is to objectify women. The first female Prime Minister belonged to Iceland. She was the first lesbian Prime Minister, as well. Iceland may be every women’s safe haven. A hefty portion of Parliament is also female. Being a decision maker is the most empowered position any person can hold.


In conclusion, Nordic countries take the cake when it comes to women empowerment. Kudos to caring for all citizens equally!

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