Hey Girls! Today is your lucky day because I’m going to show & tell you what I have in my bag. There’s a picture at the bottom of this post. It’s super fabulous, New Yorker style. Like thoroughbred New York.


For under ten dollars, you too can look like me! Simply purchase this exquisite cheap cloth I call a bag, where I’m sure others call a joke- err I mean a tote. And just in time for New York Fashion Week. -Classy.

Silvia 411: I’m a dog walker, fashion forward doesn’t come first, comfort does. So there’s that…

1 .Ziplock bags, dog treats + poop bags (classic dog walker starter pack).

2. Keys. Lots of them, for my pups. The keys I carry on a regular basis makes me look like I’m Joe, the janitor.


3. Metro Card– I am a New Yorker and a freelancer; therefore I am also broke. So I’d never indulge in traffic, or a car.

4. Baby Wipes+ Powder – Nope, no kids here just me. I eat like an oversized three-year-old and sometimes hand sanitizer ain’t going to cut it. Plus hand sanitizer is harsh on the skin. I buy flushable baby wipes, and they’re awesome and versatile. The powder is for the gallons of sweat I exude in the summer months. It helps with chafing. There I said it!

5. Gum– Lots of it. I always need to have my body in a constant state of motion. If you ever want to torture me or get something out of me, a scandal or secret perhaps. Simply throw me into a room with no gum and nothing to do, and I will loose my s%*&. I’ll sing like a canary.

6. Pedialyte– Again no kids, just me Silvia the overgrown child. I’m constantly on a bike and walking puppers. During the summer months, I need to keep my body hydrated and filled with the electrolytes. Plus carrying Gatorade bottles are a HUGE pain. I just bring packets to chuck into my garba- ah..tote bag!

7. Cosmetics– I’m vain, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I bring foundation, powder, and a lip stain. You never know! I can always re-apply if needed and a lip stain serves as dual purpose both as a cheek stain and lip color.


8. iPhone Charger+Radio Shack portable power pack & Voice Recorder– GPS kills your battery & the recorder is for writing pitches! I always have backups for my backups, do you?

– OK, now… show me yours!


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