A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Source: Oxford Dictionary Online

Did you hear that kittens? Determination, hard work. When you’re busy doing this, there’s no time for self-loathing. No time to stop and think about what others think of you. You are busy. Too busy pushing through the mud, determined to reach your goal. That’s sexy.

Ambition can spill out of you in many different areas of your life.  These are some things ambitious women have in common. Check this list out and give yourself a high-five if you’re already an ambitious and magnetic mademoiselle! Give yourself a hug if you’re well on your way there.

1. You’re a woman with a plan. You’re the type that walks into a room with a purpose. You aren’t afraid to say who you are, what you do, and where you want to take your life. Discussing this lights up your face and people can see it.

You: being an ambitious lady.


2. You have a schedule. Anytime you’re asked to “hang out” you’re courteous enough to check your schedule and advise ahead of time. You may, or may not be available. If you’re building an empire, this ambition takes precedence you know.

You: having a schedule.







3. She takes care of her appearance. You’re ambitious, not careless. And if you’re in tune with what you want in life you, won’t be sitting there looking like you just ran from the cops. Your ambition is driving you to put your best foot forward. That’s ultra sexy.

You: taking care of your appearance.
You: taking care of your appearance.





4. You have a hobby or two. You not only care about your career but also providing a great work-life balance for yourself. It can be a plethora of things. You may probably enjoy reading, writing, play a sport or take mini-vacations. Whatever it is, it’s what helps you stay sexy and motivated.

You: being a woman with a hobby or two.






5. She spends time with her loved ones. Another alluring part of this woman is the ability to manage her life exquisitely. She doesn’t have time; she makes time. Time for her priorities. Very sexy.

You: being with your loved ones.
You: being with your loved ones.


Keep your eye on the prize baby, and stay focused on your goals and ambitions; because that’s what makes you sexy.



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