Something peculiar has happened to me this past year. I got a job, ok not just a job. It’s a job that I really enjoy doing, one where I get excellent flexibility and all my clients love me unconditionally. I’m a dog walker! When I’m not improvising or writing I chill with my puppers. Now, why is this relevant?

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When I left my server job, I found myself pinching pennies. I had another (five actually) lined up and ready to go. However, there was something I wasn’t feeling. I was tired of being a server. I didn’t want to do it anymore. I’m very headstrong, even with myself. So I branched out to other places. During that time I was saving as much as I could. That’s why I pinched pennies with cosmetics. Bad, bad Silvia…very bad.

I’ve come to realize that whenever your local pharmacy or even top makeup brands are having sales, I have to run the other opposite direction because they’re on the brink of expiration.
Companies do this with food like milk, eggs, cheese and with soon to be out of season clothing. Sale sale sale! Thank about it.


Anyway, when I wasn’t working full time, I cut corners wherever I deemed it necessary. So I bought the cheap, on sale crap. Here’s what happened.

Lipgloss/stick: After wearing the lipgloss/stick my lips began to peel like the actual skin was peeling off. Don’t believe me? Go into your stash of cosmetics and put on the oldest lip product you own. Then sit, and wait…. Now toss that crap out. Yep! That’s it.

Why: expired lip products (especially) have a particular smell to them, It smells extremely plastic-ey and bitter. It’s a stench. If you smell that on lip liners, glosses, tints or stains- toss them immediately.


Foundation- The obvious bumpy breakouts. They can be an allergic reaction, but more likely if they were bought on sale, it is expired or will be sooner than you can finish that bottle. Don’t bother!

Mascara: On sale. Put it on (do this with your old ones you have in your stash) now watch the mascara gel dry your lashes out and crumble (little dots falling about), and your eyes are teary and itchy. Yep, TOSS! I’ll let you rummage for now. But I’ll be back with more soon.

Always on the lookout for us girls,

-Silvia Campos

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